Plastic Surgery, Hand

Plastic Surgery, Hand

44 yrs Practicing as a Specialist
3 yrs Experience as an Independent Medical Examiner


CPSA Physician Details


  • MD Doctor of Medicine, University of Alberta , 1968
  • LMCC – Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada
  • FRCSC – Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons Canada – Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lobay completed a Fellowship in several centres of excellence in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.  He was a pioneer in microsurgery in Canada.

Dr. Lobay has practiced plastic surgery in Edmonton since 1974.  He is a clinical professor at the University of Alberta and was Chief of Plastic Surgery for 18 years.

Dr. Lobay is Past President of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery and a member of the Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.