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Learn how the Medical Panels Office (MPO) helps resolve differences of medical opinion for Workers' Compensation claims.


The Medical Panels Office (MPO) is an independent public office that takes a collaborative, fact-based and focused approach to resolve differences in medical opinion.

When there is a difference of medical opinion for a Workers’ Compensation claim, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) or the Appeals Commission (AC) contact the MPO. If case conferencing and other efforts are unsuccessful a Medical Panel is convened by the MPO to resolve the medical issue through an impartial and independent decision making process.

The MPO:

  • Resolves differences in medical opinion through case conferencing or the Medical Panel process.
  • Maintains a roster of physicians eligible to perform independent medical examinations, as requested by the WCB.
  • Ensures workers can select physicians to conduct their independent medical examinations from the physician roster.

The MPO and its Medical Panels are administered and operated according to the Workers’ Compensation Act and Medical Panels Regulation. It’s led by the Medical Panels Commissioner (MPO), who is appointed by the Minister of Labour.