Learn about becoming an IME Physician

An IME physician plays an important role in the WCB System. Ensuring workers recover and safely return work is an important goal of the WCB. Becoming an IME Physician may be of interest if you are an experienced physician and interested in a flexible schedule with supplemental income.


Physician Roster Criteria

Physicians may request to become part of the IME Physician Roster if they have:

  • Current registration and licensure in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) without conditions on their practice permit.
  • Experience as a practitioner in a medical specialty included in the roster.
  • The ability to provide complete, comprehensive, objective and unbiased reports.
  • Effective communication skills when dealing with claimants.
  • Availability to conduct IMEs.

If you are a physician interested in being approved for the IME Physician Roster, please contact us.