Dr. Michael Rocheleau

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

33 yrs Practicing as a Specialist
6 yrs Experience as an Independent Medical Examiner

CPSA Physician Details


  • MD Doctor of Medicine, University of Calgary, 1980
  • LMCC – Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada
  • FRCSC – Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons Canada – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (1985)

Dr. Rocheleau attended medical school in Calgary (1980) where he completed 2 further years of postgraduate medical training before studying at Queen’s University where he completed his specialist training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM & R).  He then worked in Calgary, where he was a member of the Faculty of Medicine. He was acting head of the department of PM & R from 1988 to 1992 at which time he moved to Victoria, BC where he helped develop private rehabilitation services (1993 – 2000) primarily centred on the treatment of injured workers on Vancouver Island.  Following this, he became a staff physician with the Vancouver Island Health Authority doing in hospital rehabilitation, centred on neurological injuries (stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury). He was also a staff physician with the Royal Jubilee Hospital Pain Clinic and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal medicine and spinal injections. In 1996, he became a Certified Medical Examiner and since then has performed hundreds of Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s).

Dr. Rocheleau is an experienced hiker, canoeist and kayaker. He enjoys the outdoors and has travelled extensively. He is working to become fluent in Spanish. He is married and has 3 adult children all of whom have followed their parents into the medical field.