Dr. Larry Hunka

Othopedic Surgery, Hand and Wrist

35 yrs Practicing as a Specialist
35 yrs Experience as an Independent Medical Examiner

CPSA Physician Details


  • MD Doctor of Medicine, University of Alberta , 1973
  • LMCC – Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada
  • FRCSC – Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons Canada – Orthopedic Surgery

Hand Surgery Fellowship – Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Hunka completed his residency training in Orthopedics followed by a Fellowships for Pediatric Orthopedics and Surgery of the Hand.  He practiced at the University Hospital and Misericordia Hospital for 35 Years.  His practice is focused on hand surgery but also on trauma, arthroplasty and general orthopedics.

Dr. Hunka has completed training for Independent Medical Examiners and has 35 years of experience doing IME’s for WCB, insurance companies and legal firms.